I was born in Litchfield, Connecticut, where I still live today. I grew up to love writing, to love using my imagination to create worlds both on paper and off. My childhood was spent in the woods exploring with my cousin and brother. I have always been very close with my family and those bonds have only been strengthened by the illness that plagued me for three years. 

I spent my first fourteen years at Washington Montessori School and then went on to The Hotchkiss School. During my freshman year at Hotchkiss I was struck by an unknown illness in February 2008. That April I went on a temporary medical leave, which ended up lasting the rest of the year. I returned to Hotchkiss that Fall and repeated my freshman year, still plagued by my illness, and although I had to leave many times I was able to finish that year albeit in a wheelchair. It was during one of these medical leaves that I began to write the Hidden World, my first novel, which I finished while still attending Hotchkiss. Fearing I might have a tragic accident, as a result of my sickness, that might reflect badly upon Hotchkiss, the administration refused to allow me to return. I spent the next two years being tutored at home. I finally returned to full health during the summer of 2012 and was able to return to my local public school for my senior year. From there I went to the University of Virginia, where I am currently a first year. 

Since writing my first novel I have written four more and begun over fifty. Writing has become a great passion of mine and was an instrumental piece of my recovery from my illness. I have many other interests including International Relations and Architecture, and thus I have yet to decide on a major. I am looking forward to my future education at UVA and the challenges and triumphs I will confront while continuing my writing career.