Schuyler Ebersol is a wondrous person. Not only did he never lose courage while overcoming great adversity; but while ill, he steadfastly wrote a work of fiction that takes readers on an exceptionally imaginative and thrilling journey. “The Hidden World, Book One” is a remarkable achievement.

Mary Pope Osborne

Author of the Magic Tree House Series

The Hidden World is on par with Harry Potter and I love Harry and now Nate Williams!

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CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on Schuyler Ebersol, who turned to writing to help overcome a strange disease.

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Why we must Devote More Money to Space Exploration

To the Stars First we believed the world was flat—above it was heaven, below it was hell, and the stars, the sun, and the moon all circled around us. It took thousands of years for us to figure out that there were other planets in our solar system, that we all orbited the sun. It took hundreds more for us to realize we were part of a galaxy, decades to figure out our galaxy was one of hundreds of billions in the observable universe. And now we are exploring the idea that our universe could be one of many. Our world just keeps becoming smaller and more insignificant compared to the vastness and the possibility of space. Maybe its because I’ve been fascinated by space and wanted to go since I was old enough to understand what it was, but I firmly believe that space exploration is crucial to the human race. Nothing captures the mind, or my mind at least, like what’s beyond our earth. The possibilities are really limitless because all the big questions have yet to be answered. Is there life beyond earth? Are we residents of a limitless universe, or one of many universes, or an ever expanding one? What happens in the other dimensions? These are just some of the questions that humans have wondered at since before they invented telescopes, before they could talk. We looked up at the stars and wondered if there were other worlds out there. I believe that we have lost something crucial in the past few decades, and it stems from less interest in space exploration. Perhaps it...

Transcendence (2014): One Reason To Like It

Scientific Feasibility: 5 Stars Realistic Feasibility: 3 Stars Execution: 5 Stars Acting: 5 Stars Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars I love nothing more than a good science fiction flick—the sad thing is that not too many come out. I do not consider action packed blockbusters that take place in the future or in alternate realities good science fiction. These films, which I love no question about it, are good entertainment, but they do not push the boundaries of thought. I just watched the film, Transcendence. I have been excited to see this film for months, but dismayed by the reviews. I know not to trust reviews, because everyone has a different opinion, but these reviews delayed my viewing until tonight. It has an extremely promising cast, most notably Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and my favorite, Paul Bettany. I will not go in depth just yet, for those reading who haven’t seen it. If you like good science fiction that really makes you think, I highly recommend it. The beginning was a little slow for me, but throughout the majority of the movie I often found that my mouth was hanging open, this rarely happens to me. It is wonderful to be so engrossed in the possibilities the movie is portraying that I lose the capability to keep my mouth closed. The concept, of uploading a human consciousness into an Artificial Intelligence or (AI), is portrayed in the trailers. If this concept is too far fetched for you, then stop reading and don’t watch it, because the movie becomes a lot more far-fetched. Despite this, I found myself understanding what was...

Using My Blog

I have decided to actually begin to use my blog. I will be posting movie reviews, book reviews, pieces of short stories, and anything I deem worthy and wish to share. This is a wild departure from my blog’s function for the past year, which has been to post the occasional media appearance. Let me apologize in advance for my terrible spelling and grammar. I know that as a published author I should really have gotten past these, and I have made improvements, but I cannot say either are my strong points. I hope you...

Author Blog Tag Tour: Joe Eliseon

As promised, this week I am featuring Author Joe Eliseon’s answers to the My Writing Process Questions for the Author Blog Tag Tour. Check it out...

Blog Tag Tour: My Writing Process

My Writing Process Hi my name is Schuyler Ebersol. I was tagged by Taffey Champion who published her first Ebook, The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga, in October 2013. She is currently working on getting the prequel to this book ready for publication. Taffey is a wonderful friend and a talented writer. Below is my piece in the blog tour and at the end I will tag someone else.   What are you working on? I have written five full novels and published one so far. My first, the Hidden World was published by Koehler books on December 1st, 2013. It is a young adult, fiction fantasy novel, about the ability to use the other 90% of the mind’s potential. I came up with this idea and wrote the book a year before this craze hit the movies as in Limitless and then this year, Lucy, but luckily my book is still unique enough that these movies do not effect me much. My second novel is a sequel to the Hidden World, and is the 2nd in a planned 5 book series. My third is a stand-alone young adult science fiction novel about the geomagnetic reversal of the poles. My fourth is an adventure fantasy novel where I got to create a world and make up all sorts of creatures. It is the start of a planned six book series. My fifth full novel is the one I am currently working on. I finished writing it in April of 2013, but recently, due to some positive rejections from publishers, I have been rewriting it per their notes. I am close to finished...

My Mindset

This post is already in my about the author section, but I thought I’d post it here as well because it gives great insight into me and my life. There are things that I cannot do, and that bothers me. It is something that I don’t think about often now, but when I do it bites at the very core of my being. I have been through hardship that brought me to my knees, a hardship that brought me to the brink of my life.  I came close to death. I starred it in the face and I resisted the urge to just give up. That took all the mental power I have. It took strength that I never knew I had. I hate that there are things that I cannot do. I like to think of myself as strong, and I am. I like to push myself. If others can do it, then I want to be able to do it. Why shouldn’t I be able to do it? Why can’t I do what everyone else can? The answer is simple: I cannot do everything I want because of a disability that governs my decisions. As time has gone on, it has had less of a hold on me, but it still has a hold on me. It still stops me from doing some things. I was always told to think positively. To believe anything was possible, and many things are possible. My illness has opened doors for me, but some have been closed in the process. I repeatedly knock on those doors, sometimes I kick them, but...